God is Bigger Than Collection

So for the past few months I have been pretty quiet with Swelo. Mainly, I was just dealing with life while trying to hear what God wanted me to do in this season of my life. 

Then, life as we all knew it began to change due to COVID-19. Who knew while the Super Bowl or NBA All-Star Weekend that, starting mid-March, we would have no sports, no concerts, or any other traditional social gatherings. It’s crazy! 

This pandemic lifestyle has people paranoid when someone coughs in the grocery store. People are stockpiling on disinfectants and toilet paper. I need toilet paper too; leave me some! LOL!
In all seriousness, I know a lot of us are affected. Either you know someone who lost their life to the coronavirus, or it is a friend of a friend you know who has it. Plus, many people are impacted financially by the lost of their jobs or decrease in customers for their business. 

In all of this, some people ask, “where is God?” My answer to that is God is right here with us. He never promised that everyday would sunshine and everything to smell like roses. However, He did promise there would be tribulation (John 16:33). The good news is He also said “take heart; for I have overcome the world.”
Think about it! In my lifetime, we have faced Y2K, swine flu, bird flu, the AIDS / HIV wave, even the real estate bubble of 2008. None of those have had as big of impact as the coronavirus. I know people who have lost family members. I know people who have lost their jobs. This pandemic is big, but I know who’s bigger . . . GOD.

God is bigger than the coronavirus. 

God is bigger than anything you are facing. Depression, cancer, sickness, racism, discrimination, you name it; FILL IN THE BLANK. God is bigger than them all!
We all need to remind ourselves who truly is in control. I have started a collection to help people in this season be encouraged. It is the God is Bigger Than collection. Over the next few weeks, there will be an addition to the collection.

God is Bigger Than Fill in the Blank T-shirt
Stay up! Stay strong!

G1! <God 1st>

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